LUC offers advice on keeping online information secure

By Christian Minnie

The University Information Security Office held a conference Oct. 23, to discuss the best online information security practices for Loyola students. The conference included tips on how to keep your computer physically secure from theft, digitally secure from malware and other dangerous cyber threats, as well as advice on safe web browsing and how to keep your social media accounts safe from potential hackers and stalkers.

At the conference, Jim Pardonek, UISO’s information security officer and a certified ethical hacker, described how one in 20 computers worldwide are affected with malicious software that can result in identity theft or the potential destruction of your software and/or saved information such as passwords and bank account information.

Especially concerning, according to Pardonek, is that 27 million Americans were the victims of identity theft in the last five years. The UISO wants to ensure that no Loyola student might become such a victim and educates students on how and why these attacks happen and how to prevent them.

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TKE alumnus shares advice on job searching

Photo from Loyola University Chicago.

Photo from Loyola University Chicago.

By Annemarie Laredo

On Oct. 22, Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) hosted an informational event for all students. Guest speaker, Patrick O’Brien, gave the audience great advice tips on how to get a job, keep the job, succeed at the job and then leave the job.

According to O’Brien, the best way to get a job is to simply know what you want. Target the companies that you want to work for, make a list and then work your way from the bottom of your list to the top. Other things that will help is to use job sites, networking on LinkedIn as well as professional networking, and impressing employers during the interview by knowing about the company and having an intelligent two-way conversation with the employer.

“The best way to get a job is by knowing someone,” O’Brien told the audience. “I would be more inclined to give someone a job if they asked me, ‘I’m in the job market, do you have any advice?’ instead of just asking me if I knew of any job openings at my company.”

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VIDEO: Costume-clad, Loyolacappella’s Halloween show takes center stage

The fabulous acappella group, Loyolacapella, performed Oct. 24 in Coffey Hall. The acappella group does five to six full shows a year and this was their spooktacular Halloween special. Fifteen out of the 16 members sung Friday night, complete with an appearance by Mackelmore, Clark Kent, and many other interesting Halloween costumes. About 100 people sat in awe through out the show.

Check out this video of the group singing Ella Eyre’s hit song “If I Go.”

Wellness advocates talk alcohol awareness for Halloween weekend

Photo from Loyola  "Choice. Control. Character." initiative.

Photo from Loyola “Choice. Control. Character.” initiative.

By Annemarie Laredo

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon co-hosted the wellness advocates from the LUC Wellness Center who gave a presentation on the myths and realities of alcohol consumption in college.

The presentation took place in the Life Sciences Building on Thursday and focused on the drinking habits of Loyola students, the effects of alcohol and safer drinking practices, especially for this Halloween weekend.

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Advocate’s annual Drag Show a success

By Ayrealle Beavers

This past Thursday about 100 students lined up outside of the Damen Student Center Multipurpose room for Advocate’s Annual Drag Show. The doors opened 15 minutes later and within five minutes all of the seats were filled and people began to line the walls.

The Drag Show was hosted by Kahmora Hall and began with a tribute to Tajma Hall who passed away this past April. Tajma Hall hosted the Drag Show in past years and was also a Loyola Alum, along with Kahmora. The show had extravagant performances from Drag Queens and Loyola students. It was very inclusive of the audience having student dance competitions and also having volunteers from the audience dress in drag.

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New LUC student group strives to empower women

For a new organization within Loyola, the Women’s Project is making some large strides. The Women’s Project at Loyola University Chicago (WPLUC) is a new Loyola-sponsored organization made up of 15 members who are focused on taking action against what they see as sexism in society.

The Women’s Project, founded by Nicole Kleppe and Aubrey Dvorak, was started in order to form a small, action-based community of women who are passionate about fighting for their rights.

“I went to multiple feminist groups in Loyola, but wanted something different and more focused on action. I was tired of girls complaining about men rather than acting on the issue,” Kleppe said.

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The long journey and surprising history of Madonna Chapel’s new bells

The chapel's new bells are on display until their installation in November. Photo from LUC.

The chapel’s new bells are on display until their installation in November. Photo from LUC.

By Molly Morrison

The bells you’ve surely spotted around campus have one week left on the ground before they are lifted and installed in the beams of Loyola’s Madonna della Strada Chapel. These four bells have had a long journey, beginning as melted bronze in the Netherlands at the “Petit & Fritsen” bell foundry.

The family of bells traveled from Europe to Cincinnati, Ohio, in early September, where they were engraved, decorated and polished. After their final touches were complete, the bells arrived at Loyola.

Stephen Betancourt, assistant director of Campus Ministry and director of liturgical music, has facilitated the bells journey from the very beginning.

“We wanted to give students a chance to see the bells before they are hung in the beams of Madonna,” Betancourt said. “It’s really cool to touch them and be able to learn about the meaning of each one.”

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