Intramural soccer playoffs kick off this weekend

Intramural soccer playoffs continue Saturday and Sunday at Mertz Field. Photo by Sydney Cross.
Intramural soccer playoffs continue Saturday and Sunday at Mertz Field. Photo by Sydney Cross.

By Sydney Cross

And that’s a wrap! Intramural Soccer, one of the first IM sports leagues of the school year, began their playoffs last weekend and continue this Saturday, privileged to finish off their season outdoors.

“I think my team can go far because we really tried to have a healthy mix of talented girls and guys,” said junior Andrew Goecke, who plays on a co-ed team. “The playoffs come at a great time every year, right after midterms, which is a great opportunity to let out some steam. It is also set up so that winners move on … so every game is pretty intense.”

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Students sign steel beam, become part of Loyola history

Loyola steel beam signing
By Jose Silva

More than 2,000 students came out for the opportunity to be a part of Loyola history.

Loyola University Chicago  recently held a Steel Beam signing event, giving students the chance to sign a beam that will be used in construction for the new student union that will be a part of the Lake Shore Campus forever.

The event took place on Sean Earl Field, or Mertz Turf, and was a part of the Department of Programming’s “Be Chill Bash” which included food and other games to offer students a break before a stressful finals week.

In addition to being an effective way to lower stress, this particular event was also good way to get students involved and be a part of Loyola history.

“As a freshman, I was interested in the opportunity to come out and be a part of Loyola history,” said Kevin Koprowski, 18, a freshman international business major.

In a year when Loyola history has been made regularly – including new statues, buildings, and traditions – this was a unique way to get all students involved.

“Over 1,000 students have showed up to sign in little over an hour,” said Bryan Goodwin, 29, Director of Student Centers. “We’ve tried to get students involved with promotions such as the naming contest but we felt this would be a great opportunity for everyone to be involved with the construction.”

With the school year coming to a close the event is a memorable way to end the school year, and for some, their senior year.

“”We wanted to give students this year a chance to be a part of things going on, on campus,” Goodwin said. “With seniors graduating we wanted to give them a chance to put their name on something and forever be a part of the new student center.”