VIDEO: Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus filled with holiday decorations

By Nader Issa

Loyola University Chicago put its students into the holiday spirit last week with the addition of holiday decorations around the university’s Lake Shore Campus.

Tree lights, Christmas trees and red and green spotlights can be seen all around campus as part of Loyola’s preparation for the holiday season.

The campus’s biggest Christmas tree can be found in the Damen Student Center, which happens to be the most decorated part of the campus. Lights line all the trees that surround the student center and red and green lights can be seen shining on the building from across the campus.

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Creators of Cards Against Humanity host panel at Loyola

By Christian Minnie

Creators and staff developers of the popular party game Cards Against Humanity, the self-proclaimed “party game for horrible people,” held a panel at Loyola on Nov. 20 in celebration of Open Access Week and International Games Day.

Eli Halpern, one of the original creators of the game and a Highland Park native, talked about the game’s creation and how a free game can sell so well.

“[It] started out as nerdy friends knowing each other from high school,” Halpern said during the panel at Cudahy Library. “Back in 2008, we all went off to college and wanted to stay in touch, so we started making games to do so and maybe even attract other friends. Keep in mind, this was before Facebook became super popular. That’s how Cards Against Humanity started, though it was called ‘Hyper-theticals’ before we changed the name, which was a sort of rudimentary, proto-Cards Against Humanity, Q&A card game printed at Kinkos.”

Hear the makers discuss the pop-culture impact of the game, and how they adapted its humor for international markets:

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Students taking advantage of discounted $0.25 laundry in dorms

By Ayrealle Beavers

Laundry for the past week has cost only $0.25 in every dorm on campus. Usually laundry is $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry, or $2.50 to complete one load of laundry, and students are taking advantage of the discounted rates.

“The last time I did my laundry in Fordham I spent $5.25 on one load,” said student Christian Thomas. “This is simply because the dryers are awful! To fully dry one load you have to dry them about two times. It’s ridiculous.”

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Students excited about Rambler basketball as men’s team wins season-opener

Loyola mascot LU Wolf leads fans in a cheer at Midnight Madness. Photo from Loyola Ramblers Facebook page.
Loyola mascot LU Wolf leads fans in a cheer at Midnight Madness. Photo from Loyola Ramblers Facebook page.

By Matt Markowski

Loyola’s men’s basketball team swept past Rockhurst Friday, winning 71-58 at their season opener at Gentile Arena.

With 19 points and 8 rebounds, Montel James helped the Ramblers come back from a half-time deficit, and soar past Rockhurst. The women’s team played with great effort, but Simone Law and Becca Smith’s double-figure scoring were not enough to bring Loyola back against Georgia Tech, losing 92-57.

After the games, Loyola Student Dispatch reporter Matt Markowski went to the Lake Shore Campus to ask fellow students their thoughts on the games and on the upcoming season for both the men’s and women’s teams.

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Loyola deans speak about race, achievement disparity in education

Loyolauniversitycrest[1]By Molly Morrison

Loyola Deans Anita Thomas and Michael Dantley spoke about racial equality in education in a presentation Nov. 6 called “Will it Ever Be Equal? Achievement Disparity in Education.” Both Thomas and Dantley work within Loyola’s School of Education.

This presentation was a part of Loyola’s Fall Speaker Series, offered in conjunction with the “RACE: Are We So Different?” exhibition that is being brought to the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center in Skokie by the YWCA Evanston/North Shore. Loyola is a sponsor of the exhibition.

Thomas spoke about the importance of creating an environment that students not only feel comfortable in, but one where race can be talked about.

“Race is often one of the most identifiable characteristics that we have, yet it’s one of the things we talk about the least,” she said.

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Loyola University student reported missing

Chan Williams. Photo from Campus Safety.
Chan Williams. Photo from Campus Safety.

By Sarah Harrington

A Loyola University Chicago student has been reported missing, Campus Safety said in an email sent to students and staff on Wednesday. Officials are seeking assistance to help find the student.

Chan Williams, 20, has been reported missing by his father, the email said. Concern was raised when he stopped answering phone calls, emails and attending his classes. He was last seen Friday at 8 p.m. as he entered the Board of Trade building located at 500 S. LaSalle, Campus Safety said.

He is described as a male African-American about 6 feet tall and approximately 200 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes, Campus Safety said. Chan was last seen wearing a black fleece jacket, black shirt, dark grey athletic shorts, black socks and grey Puma-brand athletic shoes.

A missing person report has also been filed with the Chicago Police Department, the email said.

Loyola is urging any students with information on Chan’s whereabouts to call Campus Safety at (773) 508-6039 or contact Chicago Police Department via 911.

Loyola Darkwing hitting the road for Ultimate tournament

Photo from Darkwing Ultimate on Facebook.
Photo from Darkwing Ultimate on Facebook.

By Nikhil Sequeira

Loyola’s men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Loyola Darkwing, move closer to earning a top spot in the sectionals tournament held in early April next year.

This upcoming weekend sees the team’s last tournament this fall at the Missouri Loves Company Tournament, one of the biggest Ultimate tournaments in the Midwest

Their goal is clear: earn a top spot in sectionals, which would see them with a top bid in the regional competition. The team has never won the regional in their club history, but finishing in the top two would see them to the National Championship.

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Loyola students make altar to celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Loyola students made an altar to celebrate the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Photo by Gabriela Richardson
Loyola students made an altar to celebrate the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Photo by Gabriela Richardson

By Gabriela Richardson

Last Thursday, Campus Ministry and the Department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs held the first annual Dia de Los Muertos commemorative celebration at Loyola’s Damen Center.

Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday which celebrates the deceased. It takes place between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 each year.

Students were able to enjoy empanadas and pan dulce along with the chance to make some offerings such as decorations, food or photographs to the altar.

The altar will be up until Nov. 7 for anyone interested in making an offering.

Advocate’s annual Drag Show a success

By Ayrealle Beavers

This past Thursday about 100 students lined up outside of the Damen Student Center Multipurpose room for Advocate’s Annual Drag Show. The doors opened 15 minutes later and within five minutes all of the seats were filled and people began to line the walls.

The Drag Show was hosted by Kahmora Hall and began with a tribute to Tajma Hall who passed away this past April. Tajma Hall hosted the Drag Show in past years and was also a Loyola Alum, along with Kahmora. The show had extravagant performances from Drag Queens and Loyola students. It was very inclusive of the audience having student dance competitions and also having volunteers from the audience dress in drag.

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