49th Ward office sells city vehicle stickers

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
Rogers Park residents can purchase their City of Chicago vehicle stickers this Saturday at the 49th Ward Service Office, according to an alert from Joe Moore, the 49th Ward alderman.
All city residents must purchase and display the new stickers by Tuesday, July 16.
Here is the alert from Moore’s office:
Dear Neighbor,
I am pleased to report the Chicago City Clerk’s office will be selling City Vehicle Stickers at the 49th Ward Service Office, 7356 N. Greenview, this Saturday, June 28th, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There is no additional fee for this convenience.
The City begins enforcing the City Vehicle Sticker requirement on Tuesday, July 16th.  Failure to purchase and display the new City Vehicle Sticker by July 16th could result in a $200 ticket and a purchasing late fee.The price of a City Vehicle Sticker depends on the type of vehicle you own. Passenger, large Passenger, small truck, large truck, motorcycle, and antique Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are assigned varying prices. The Chicago City Clerk’s office provides a chart with a list of the 2,500 most popular vehicles on the road today and the corresponding vehicle sticker price.  To access the chart, CLICK HERE.

A vehicle sticker in a residential permit parking zone will cost an additional $25.
This year only, your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker price is prorated by month to set you on your new year-round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales renewal month.
Your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker price is based on the length of time your vehicle sticker is valid. When you make your purchase, you will be asked to select between a short-term prorated Chicago City Vehicle Sticker (valid for between one and 12 months), or a long-term extended Chicago City Vehicle Sticker (valid for between 13 and 24 months).
The final 2014 Chicago City Vehicle Sticker cost is determined by multiplying the number of months the vehicle sticker is valid by the monthly price that corresponds with the make, model and vehicle sticker type listed in the chart provided by the City clerk’s office.
Again, these price options are being offered for one time only to set more than one million motorists on a year-round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales calendar and end the long lines and headaches associated with the traditional six-week sales season.
Please note, seniors age 65 and older as of Dec. 31, 2014 are exempt from the year-round sales program and will continue to renew on an annual, June-to-June schedule. The cost for a senior Chicago City Vehicle Sticker is $30.34.
Please bring your City Vehicle Sticker renewal form. If you do not have your renewal form, you must bring one of the following VIN approved documents:
• State vehicle registration card, or
• Vehicle title, or
• Insurance card displaying your VIN.
If you are a senior citizen, make sure to bring your driver’s license to receive the senior discount.  If you are purchasing a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker on behalf of a senior citizen, please bring that person’s driver’s license.   
The Clerk’s Office prefers payment by check or money order, but will accept cash or credit card payments.
Keep in mind that even if your vehicle is registered in the suburbs or out-of-state, you may need to purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. By ordinance, vehicles that are “principally garaged” in the city more than 30 days must display a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker.
As a final inducement to purchasing your city sticker on time, my office staff and I will be handing out free lemonade to everyone who buys a sticker at my office this Saturday!
Joe Moore



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