Police bring heat to summer crime in Uptown

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

Uptown Ald. Harry Osterman sent a message to constituents Monday updating them on crime activity in the neighborhood and tips on how to combat crime has summer heats up.

Here is Osterman’s Message:

Dear Neighbor,

Over the weekend, around 1:30am on Sunday, June 15, several reports of shots fired near Thorndale and Kenmore were called into 911. Police responded swiftly to the 911 calls including the 20th police district commander was at the scene. Police were not able to find evidence of shots being fired. If you have any information about this incident please email Marko@48thward.org and we will forward the information to the police.

On Friday night, 20th District Tactical Officers Ronald Wright, Harold Robinson and George Georgopoulous were working on a gang suppression mission in the area near the Granville CTA station. While on this mission they arrested a gang member and recovered a handgun. The individual arrested was charged with unlawful use of a handgun.

As summer picks up in full swing, we all must remain vigilant and observant of our buildings, blocks, and neighborhoods to prevent an increase in crime. I have been working closely with the Chicago Police Department on ongoing safety initiatives to identify and tackle issues throughout the ward. I have also been in contact with numerous property owners and managers to ensure that the highest of rental and management standards are being enforced. I need your help in letting us know about public safety problems that you see.

Additionally, on Wednesday we will announce our annual Summer Nights programming – over 100 events throughout the ward promoting a safe, positive and fun summer for all. If you are interested in getting involved or helping with any of these events, please email 48th ward volunteer coordinator Georgina Sandifer at Georgina@48thward.org.

There will be a Positive Loitering Walk on Thorndale tonight starting at 7:30pm in front of Little Corner Restaurant located at 5937 N Broadway.  I invite neighbors to come out and get to know one another and learn what to look for in their neighborhood that can impact their safety.

There is also a CAPS Beat Meeting on Thursday 6/19 at 7pm that will be held at the 24th Police District station located at 6464 N Clark.  I encourage residents to attend these meeting to be in the loop of current issues affecting their neighborhoods.

What can you do?
–  If you see graffiti in your area, please report it to my office immediately.  My office will work to expedite the removal of gang related graffiti.

–  If you notice any street lights that are out, or tree limbs that may be covering street lights, please let us know so that we may take corrective action and ensure the area is properly lit.  Unlit areas are ideal locations for people to hide and hide drug paraphernalia.

–  Be vigilant and report suspicious activity or persons to 911.  It’s best in any case to call the police and let them determine if there is anything of interest, rather than not calling and for something to occur.  If your gut tells you it’s not right, call it in.

Some best practices while calling 911 are:

–  It is important to provide as much information on the situation as possible. Operators ask questions regarding the persons or autos involved in an incident. The more information you provide, the easier and faster it is for dispatchers to get services dispatched.

  If you call 911 and do not get an immediate response, do not hang up and call again. This will only further delay your call. In the majority of cases, calls are answered on the first ring. However, during high volume periods, you may experience a slight delay. When all operators are busy, calls will be answered in the order they are received.

We will continue to work together as a community to keep our streets safe this summer and throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at 773-784-5277 or Harry@48thward.org.

Harry Osterman
Alderman, 48th Ward


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