Chicago thaws out, Divvy gears back up


By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

After being put on freeze for almost four days, Divvy bikes will begin rolling again Thursday in Chicago.

It’s been a long week for Divvy, Chicago’s new bike sharing program.

Recent bad weather has forced Divvy to suspend Chicago bike rentals on two occasions.

Last week, Divvy suspended service from Thursday-Saturday due to heavy snow.

Then came the announcement one day later that Divvy was suspending Chicago bike rentals indefinitely at 3 p.m. Sunday after the city received a one-two punch of heavy snow followed by record low temperatures.

Divvy has grown in popularity in Chicago since its launch earlier this year. Loyola University Chicago students, staff and faculty are frequent users, renting bikes from stations at located near Loyola’s downtown campus at Water Tower Place and State and Pearson streets. Divvy is coming to Rogers Park in the spring.

Here is the latest announcement from Divvy:

It seems Chicago is finally escaping its week of extreme weather and is heading back toward a more regular winter routine.

While the temperatures are expected to be less extreme tomorrow, we will continue to be closed throughout the day so we can send our crews out to remove snow from stations and perform routine maintenance. This is the same procedure we used following the closure last Thursday with the ultimate goal of maintaining high quality service.

Divvy plans to re-open for business on Thursday morning (January 9th).

As you saw this past week, even Chicago transit systems that have been around for decades have been challenged by this extreme weather. As the city’s newest transit system, we’ll try to minimize the time that the system is closed. In the meantime, we really appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these winter events.

As always, please email us at with any comments.


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