Loyola dance company holds fundraiser for Saturday show

By Madison Roche

Loyola University Chicago’s student dance organization, The Dance Company, held a fundraiser Wednesday afternoon at Felice’s Roman Style Pizza attempting to raise money for its upcoming show.

Customers who went to Felice’s Wednesday saw 20 percent of their purchase go to The Dance Company in order to help pay for the venue for their Saturday performance, Branching Out.


The Dance Company, known as TDC, is a student organization that gives students the opportunity to choreograph and perform various styles of dance.

“The opportunity to be a choreographer and perform my own dance is huge for me, especially being a freshman in college. I didn’t think I’d have an opportunity like that until I was an upperclassman,” said Alexandra Modica, 18, a freshman choreographer studying communication studies.

Modica thanks everyone for their support especially Felice’s who sponsored their fundraiser. TDC has been working tirelessly on their upcoming show and this fundraiser.

“TDC is such an amazing group of dancers and friends, this fundraiser will help us pay for the venue for our performance,” said Nealy Doss, 20, a sophomore dancer.

Branching Out will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday in Loyola’s Mullady Theatre and will feature dances from other student groups including Scorch, Afrodescent, as well as a special performance by Loyolacapella. Tickets are $3 at the door.


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