Loyola hosts Spring Music Concert Series: Honors Recital

Honors Recital performers, John O'Hara (clarinet), Grace Yu (violin), and Brian Leong (piano). Photo by Anna Buchanan.
Honors Recital performers, John O’Hara (clarinet), Grace Yu (violin), and Brian Leong (piano).
Photo by Anna Buchanan.

By Anna Buchanan

The room was respectably silent as talented Loyola students showcased their musical talents that resonated and echoed throughout the hall.

Loyola University Chicago‘s Department of Fine and Performing Arts hosted its annual Spring Music Concert: Honors Recital Friday evening in the Music Hall at Mundelein.  The Music Hall was packed as 60 people came to watch 14  students present a diverse program of vocal and instrumental selections.

While there were many piano players, there was also a violin, clarinet, and percussion player along with a soprano and alto singer. Composers selected by the musicians to play consisted of Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann, and Sergei Prokofiev. One member in attendance was a Loyola graduate alumni.

“I like music. I find it therapeutic,” Mary Kelly said. “I came here before four years ago. The violin music is my favorite.”

The musicians have been preparing themselves throughout the entire semester for this special night. Musicians were well prepared for their performance but the flutter of nervous anxiety was still present at the beginning.

“I felt quite nervous before performing. I have been preparing myself since November. Every error I make though pushes me for a better performance,” said Kaytie Faris, 18, a freshman music performance major.

Not all musicians felt nervous prior to performing, such as violinist Grace Yu, 19, a freshman nursing major.

“I always feel nervous after a performance” Yu said.

Musicians must audition in order to take part in the Honors Recital.  Yu performed twice during the recital.

“I had to audition,” Yu said. “I have been playing the violin for 14 years and have been practicing for this performance since the beginning of the semester.”


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