Loyola students face flooding and outages

2978255615_7186aee408_z[1]By Madison Roche

Some classes and activities were cancelled Thursday at Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus after an overnight rainstorm caused flooding and power outages.

The university’s new Damen Student Center was closed by flooding, while the Quinlan Life Sciences Center and Flanner Hall were shut because of power outages.

The storm dumped close to 6 inches of rain on the campus in Rogers Park, while afternoon forecasts call for even more rain and 14-foot-high waves off of Lake Michigan.

Storms also caused problems at Loyola’s Health Sciences Campus in Maywood, including flooding or closure of the lower levels of the hospital, the Maguire Center, the Loyola Outpatient Center, and the Stritch School of Medicine and Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing buildings.

Students at the Lake Shore Campus express mixed emotions about classes being cancelled and are trying to keep warm during this storm.

“My ballet class got cancelled and while I appreciate the dance department for putting the students and faculty’s safety first, the weather is super inconvenient. We were preparing for our final performance and now we have one less class to prepare. I just hope teachers take this into consideration as we prepare to end the semester. But a day off is kind of nice as well,” said Alexandra Modica, an 18-year-old communication studies major.

Many students are shocked to hear that the basement of Loyola’s newest building on campus, Damen, has experienced flooding.

“I feel like if buildings are flooding and have no electricity they may want to pull classes for a day: both as a safety precaution and as a way for Loyola to fix things up before finals. As for Damen flooding, I think it’s pretty stupid that this building that they have been raving about for months is already closed due to flooding. It makes me worry about the older buildings on campus,” said Stanislaw Warcholek, 20, a sophomore studying biophysics and physics.

Some students don’t mind the weather and simply wish to continue their day as schedule.

“I think people are kind of overreacting about this storm. Loyola shouldn’t have to cancel all classes because of this, we all have finals coming up and every class counts. I plan on going through with my daily routine unless something comes up with one of my buildings too,” said Jeronimo Anaya, 20, studying international studies and political science.

Students are being asked to leave any building that is having issues, continue checking their emails for updates, and call campus safety at, 773-508-2100 should any other problem arise.


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