Loyola students seek policy for posting fliers

Loyola University image
Loyola University image

By Natalie Lee

Loyola University Chicago’s Unified Student Government Association recently sent out a resolution to the University Cabinet, asking for universal advertising policy regarding the posting of fliers, pamphlets, and announcements in campus buildings.

The resolution was created in response to an online petition for a revised advertising policy, which was supported by many members of student organizations. Many complained over the different advertising policies for each different campus building and residence hall.

“Seven-hundred-and-seven students signed the petition…. and now USGA knows that this is a situation that students feel strongly about,” said Thomas Serena, 21, a junior psychology and natural sciences double major and USGA’s Chief of Student Organizations.

The sponsor of the resolution is Tyler Hough, 20, a sophomore political science major and USGA’s Chair of the Academics Affair Committee. He believes that inconsistencies between advertising policies for each building is a deterrent to students and their organizations.

“We want one system at Loyola…. we want every student organization to know the system and for it to be one that proactively helps organizations to promote the events they are working so hard to create, not hinder them,” Hough said.

According to the university’s website, each campus building has a separate advertising policy. For example, any advertising material in Halas Sports Center must be approved by Department of Campus Recreation; advertisements in Damen Hall must be approved by the Dean’s Office.

Bryan Goodwin, 30, the Director of the Centennial Forum Student Union and the new Damen Student Center, expressed his support for the proposal of a universal advertising policy.

“I am very much in support of exploring any opportunity that could improve the way that students (and university departments) promote and advertise their programs to the campus community” Goodwin said.

Most Loyola students find the resolution necessary for the growth of student organizations on campus and of student organizations’ events.

“Different advertising policies makes its very difficult for event organizers to plan an event smoothly. This impedes great events and our organizations,” said Becca Smart, 20, a junior marketing major.

However, there are a few skeptical students who believe a universal advertising policy may hurt student organization events.

“A universal policy may add more restrictions to campus buildings that allow more advertising in order to adhere to the restrictions of other buildings” said Zach Touraji, 19, a freshman finance major. “This resolution is asking for a universal advertising policy, not more freedom.”


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