Loyola seniors order graduation caps and gowns

Loyola graduation file photo courtesy Mark Beane
Loyola graduation file photo courtesy Mark Beane

By Socrates Lizardo

Seniors steadily strolled into the Norville Center lobby Wednesday afternoon as Loyola University Chicago hosted the Student Graduation Fair.

The procession was a precursor to the May graduation. Only this time, the line was for seniors to purchase their cap and gown, have their pictures taken, order class rings, and a chance to purchase other graduation-related accessories.

The Grad fair will continue from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday in Norville Center.

The event workers were kept busy Wednesday assisting the senior class at Norville Center at the school’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park..

“It’s a good turn out everyone stepping in seems to be pretty excited,” said, Jacob Golembiewski, 22, a graduate student majoring in philosophy. “It is nice that Loyola does this because where I studied and did my undergrad didn’t do anything like this.”

As seniors walked in they were greeted and collected a raffle ticket that could be filled out if a senior student decided to stop at each booth to get a signature. The programs that were at each booth were the Career Development Center, College of Arts & Sciences, Philanthropy program, and the Alumni Association. Seniors also enjoyed good finger foods that were provided at the event.

Most of the seniors present really enjoyed the Grad Fair.

“Everything went smoothly and it was a really nice set up,” said Zehra Quadri, 21, a senior psychology major.

Other seniors agreed.

“I really like the vibe and the music,” said Sharniece Wells, 22, a senior forensic science major. “Getting my stuff was a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

Some Loyola seniors thought the cost for cap and gowns were fair.

“The prices are not too bad but maybe it would be nice if Loyola would include our cap and gown along with the graduation fee we pay in our tuition,” said, Dominique Stem, 21, a senior English and journalism major.

The event will also be hosted at the Water Tower Campus from noon-7 p.m.  April 4 in Kasbeer Hall.


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