Autopsy finds no cyanide in Rogers Park lottery winner

Urooj Khan.Illinois Lottery photo.
Urooj Khan.
Illinois Lottery photo.

By Socrates Lizardo

Investigators did not find any traces of cyanide in the body of the Rogers Park lottery winner who died before being able to collect his winnings, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting

Urooj Khan’s body was exhumed to go through testing for traces of cyanide poisoning but no new information was found.

Here is a portion of the story from the Chicago Sun Times:

Investigators found no cyanide in the tissues or digestive system of Urooj Khan, the lottery winner who died before he could collect his winnings, and tests after his body was exhumed revealed no new information.

The post-exhumation autopsy also revealed that there was 75 percent blockage in one of Khan’s arteries, so coronary artery disease was deemed a contributory factor in his death, Cina said.

Khan, 46, died July 20 less than a month after he won $1 million with an instant lottery ticket. Initial findings determined he had died of natural causes — hardening of the arteries — but Khan’s brother pushed the medical examiner’s office to conduct further tests.

Those tests determined Khan died with a lethal level of cyanide in his blood and his death was reclassified his death as a homicide. Khan’s body was exhumed in January for more testing.

But in test results released Friday, the medical examiner’s office said tests after the exhumation did not shed new light on Khan’s death.

No suspects have been named in the case.

Read the entire Sun-Times story here:  AUTOPSY


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