Loyola sorority sisters exhibit strong scholarship

Loyola University photo.
Loyola University photo.

By Brittany Reyes

More than 70 sorority members gathered at  Loyola University Chicago on Tuesday for an evening of studying, bonding, and free giveaways.

The recently appointed Panhellenic Scholarship Chair, Meghan O’ Connor, 20, a junior environmental science and pre-health major, directed and organized the “Letters in the Library” event in order to promote good study habits and Greek life on campus.

“With any event on a weeknight, you tend to worry if people will come,” O’ Connor said. “But since it’s midterms week, I was pretty confident that we’d have a good turnout.”

Most sorority members responded positively to O’ Connor’s efforts and were pleased to find a collection of baked goods waiting for them when they signed in for the event.

“I didn’t expect to be given any type of reward for showing up, so it was definitely a plus when I found out they were giving away free food and movie tickets,” said Gina Miglieri, 18, a freshmen education major.

With spring break quickly approaching and midterms constantly coming, some students were distracted by the large groups of women circling throughout the building.

“I was so confused when I saw all these girls coming in wearing their letters,” said Edison Macenas, 20, a junior marketing major. “I didn’t know why there were so many of them in one place and they all kind of just flocked over here.”

Even O’ Connor was surprised when she arrived at the Information Commons and saw a long line of women forming on the second floor.

“It’s a really good feeling to know it was successful and a lot of girls came,” O’ Connor said. “I’m very happy about it and it couldn’t have gone any better.”

In the future, O’ Connor hopes to collaborate with other members of the Panhellenic Council in order to continuously bring fun scholarship events to campus.

“I didn’t get the chance to attend but I really wish I had,” said Taylor Mitchell, 19, a freshmen biology major. “I’ve been really impressed with how active Panhellenic is trying to become and I think it’s great that they’re making scholarship a top priority.”


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