Loyola Choral & Orchestra perform spring concert

Orchestra-630x343[1]By Dillon Burke

Loyola University Chicago’s Choral & Orchestra put on its first spring concert Monday night in the Mundelein Auditorium to kick off the Department of Fine and Performing Arts’ spring music line up.

The concert contained performances from the women’s chorus, chamber choir, orchestra, university chorale, and then closed with the chorus and orchestra combined.

Tickets were $5 at the door, and the small crowd was eager to pay it knowing the melodious reward awaiting them.

“Two of the composers that wrote the pieces tonight were writing their entire lives, however they didn’t become popular or famous until their late ’40s,” said Kristen Hedegaard, the director of the women’s and university chorale as she introduced the upcoming songs.  The crowd chuckled as Hedegaard joked to all of the young composers out there that they shouldn’t worry if they don’t become famous for their work right away.

“It was a wonderful concert,” said the Rev. Charles Jurgensmeier, S.J. , the director of the chamber choir. “The combined group had such power, gave me goose bumps on a couple of the higher notes.”

Although there wasn’t a large crowd, it was a good chance for these groups to get back into the swing of performing in such an acoustically sound auditorium.

“Our biggest concerts of the semester will be in April,” Hedegaard said. “Those will draw in the bigger crowds for us, and we’ll really get a chance to show the community what the choir groups are capable of.”


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