Loyola sorority selling bow ties for Special Olympics

551525_10151234602056933_1688223661_nBy Laura LeBeau

Members of the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha of Loyola University Chicago will be selling bow ties this week in effort to raise money for their biggest philanthropy, the Special Olympics.

The fundraiser will take place Tuesday-Thursday on the Lake Shore Campus in the Centennial Forum Student Union.  The girls will be selling the ties from 11-4 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday and from 11-3 p.m. on Thursday.

The Imani Uomo ties, normally priced around $30-40, will be on sale for $25, with more than half of the proceeds going directly to support Special Olympics.

Keeping with the Special Olympics theme, there will be an assortment of blue, green, and orange colors. A variety of ties including solids, stripes, and patterns will be available to the students with a choice of a necktie or a classic bow tie.

Megan Healy, fundraising chairman of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said that the bow tie opportunity was an exciting new approach to fundraising. The Art of Suits local Chicago company reached out to the sorority about the fundraising opportunity.

“We have never done anything like this before; I am having high expectations. Our goal is to make $2,000, but I believe we can surpass that,” said Healy, 19, a sophomore nursing major.

ASA will also be hosting the Ladybug Olympics, 5-on-5-basketball tournament on April 13 that will be raising money for the Special Olympics philanthropy.

Loyola students seem to be excited about the formal attire that will be available for the next week.

“I think it’s really neat because our formal dance is coming up and the boys will need something to wear and they might as well buy something that is going toward a great cause,” said Anabella Lojpur, 19, a freshman political science major.


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