Rogers Park alderman lists summer jobs program

Joe Moore
Joe Moore

Chicago Alderman Joe Moore, whose 49th Ward includes Rogers Park, has announced a summer jobs opportunity for students ages 16 to 24.

Here are the details from Moore’s website:

Dear Neighbor,

Though we’re in the depths of winter, it’s not too early to start thinking about summer jobs.

I’ve teamed up with the Organization of the Northeast to get the word out about a summer job program that will benefit youth and employers alike. Governor Pat Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) Youth Employment Program will connect young people, ages 16 to 24, to part-time summer jobs at local businesses and organizations.

The initiative aims to provide something more than simply make-work jobs for young people. In addition to 160 hours of employment, participants will receive 40 hours of job readiness training to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace and 18 hours of community service activities. They will be fully compensated throughout the entire program.

The youth also will receive both one-on-one and group mentoring that will offer the young people a caring and supportive relationship that encourages them to develop to their fullest potential. Mentors will encourage the participants to develop their own positive visions for the future. Mentors also will develop active community partnerships to ensure additional support for the youth.

If you are a young person, aged 16 to 24, or a parent of a young person in that age group, I urge you to apply to the program. Space is limited and I anticipate demand will be great, so I urge you to apply now at:

Attention employers! NRI also is looking for companies and organizations that would employ at no cost one or more young people for nine weeks this summer. This is a great deal for the employers.

•All wages are subsidized by NRI without cost to employers
•NRI manages all payroll and bookkeeping functions
• NRI manages recruitment and screening and provides workforce development training prior to employment to make youth valued employees.

This program provides employers the opportunity not only to gain a valuable employee without cost, but help mold the next generation of community and business leaders.

Grow your business while providing a young person with valuable work experience. I’ve applied to the program and you should, as well. Apply at:

If you have any questions, contact my office by replying to this email or calling my staff assistant Wayne Frazier at 773-338-5796.


Joe Moore


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