$1 million lottery winner dies of poisoning

Urooj Kahn
Urooj Kahn

Was $1 million lottery winner Urooj Kahn poisoned?

Chicago police would like to know.

They’ve opened an investigation into the Rogers Park man’s death after traces of cyanide were found in his body just months after he collected his cash prize.

Police want to know if his lottery winnings could be a motive for his death.

Here is a portion of the story from the Chicago Tribune:

Urooj Khan had sworn off playing the lottery after he took an Islamic pilgrimage to the Middle East in 2010, but as he stood in a 7-Eleven near his home on Chicago’s Far North Side this summer, he lost his will for a moment, handing over $60 to buy two instant-game tickets.

After scratching off the second ticket, he leaped in the air, shouting over and over again, “I hit a million!”
When Khan, 46, accepted an oversized check from Illinois Lottery representatives days later at the same store with his wife and teenage daughter at his side, he spoke excitedly of how the winnings would help him grow his dry-cleaning business.

Instead, Khan is dead, a victim of an extraordinary poisoning, and police have a mystery on their hands: Did his lottery winnings create a motive for murder?

The month after winning the million dollars, Khan died unexpectedly on July 20. Finding no trauma to his body and no unusual substances such as cocaine or carbon monoxide in his blood, the Cook County medical examiner’s office declared his death to be from natural causes. He was buried at Rosehill Cemetery.

But the Tribune has learned that Chicago police and county prosecutors are investigating Khan’s death as a homicide.

In an interview, Medical Examiner Stephen J. Cina said that within a week of Khan’s death a concerned relative asked his office to take a closer look at the case.

By early December, the medical examiner’s office determined from comprehensive toxicology tests that Khan had died of a lethal amount of cyanide.

Read the entire Tribune story here: LOTTERY 


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