Loyola students lukewarm about new email system


By Gabe Johnson

Although the majority of students at Loyola University Chicago are supportive of the switch from the Groupwise email system to Microsoft Exchange, many students say they will continue to use Gmail.

The decision for the University-wide switch was made by an advisory committee composed of Loyola students, faculty and staff and is set to occur in May 2013.

The new service will provide students with streamlined access from any device, expanded calendar features, increased storage capacity, and several other features that Groupwise does not currently offer.

While most students are happy with the move away from Groupwise, it seems as though many will continue to use Gmail accounts including Angela Ramiro, 20, a sophomore biology major.

“Groupwise was pretty bad so I would definitely call it an improvement,” Ramiro said “However, I already use Gmail, and I don’t really see Exchange ever replacing that.”

Gerald Guevarra, 23, a junior international studies major seemed to feel the same way.

“Groupwise is awful so I don’t even use it. I have my emails being forwarded to my Gmail right now,” Guevarra said “I’ve used Exchange before in the past, and it’s definitely a better system, but I’ll be continuing to use Gmail because it’s so streamlined.”

Many students who currently use groupwise, however, are excited about the switch.

“I’m definitely looking forward to a more efficient program. Groupwise is really outdated, and a hassle to use. ” said Olivia Colborn, 19, a freshman philosophy major.

But not all students are happy about the switch.

“I’ve always been able to use groupwise on my phone and never really had a problem with it. I prefer Microsoft Exchange’s interface, but it doesn’t work on my phone so I’m a little worried about that” said Joanna Morawa, 21, a senior biology major.

However, Ryan Bedell, 21, a junior sports management and marketing major, seems to represent the majority of students’ feelings about the switch.

“Groupwise is really inconvenient for several reasons. For starters you can’t stay logged in, it reformats attachments in emails, and the user interface is really confusing to navigate. I’ve never used Outlook before, but I trust the committees decision, especially ince there were students making the decision,” Bedell said. “However, with that being said, I will probably continue to use my Gmail account.”


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