Edgewater’s St. Gregory High School is closing


St. Gregory the Great High School in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood will close at the end of the school year, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Catholic school opened in 1937 as the first co-ed high school in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The school cited financial difficulties and “sizeable impending expenses” for the maintenance of its building in its explanation for shutting its doors after 75 years, the Sun-Times reports.

Here is a letter from St. Gregory High School explaining the decision from the school’s website:

The last few years at St. Gregory the Great High School have been full of transition and at this time we find ourselves embarking on our greatest transition yet. At the heart of every decision that is made for the St. Gregory the Great High School community are the students. We believe in every student who has ever been or is currently a member of this community and we are constantly searching for ways to allow them to fulfill their greatest potential.

After months of prayer and thoughtful consideration, in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Chicago, it is with great sadness that we tell you that this year, the 75th of St. Gregory the Great High School’s history, will be its last. A lack of financial sustainability and a variety of sizeable impending expenses for general maintenance of our building makes it difficult to provide our students with the academic resources and opportunities that they need in order to be best prepared for a life of greatness beyond high school.

However, it is also with great excitement that we tell you about a transition towards a healthy and sustainable relationship with one of Chicago’s premier Catholic High Schools, Holy Trinity High School. At Holy Trinity High School lies the opportunity for our students to benefit from a variety of resources that will help them succeed, while ensuring that our current families will not face a higher tuition than what they would at St. Gregory the Great High School.

The mission of St. Gregory the Great High School is to provide a multicultural learning community that serves and supports students of differing gifts, learning abilities, faith backgrounds and life experiences. The strong similarities found in the mission of Holy Trinity High School make us confident that while this seems like a great loss, it is also a great opportunity. Sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross, Holy Trinity High School aims to provide a caring and challenging learning environment, through discipline and care, and to provide each student with a rigorous education that builds both character and confidence.

Will there always be a St. Gregory presence?

We hope so and you can help. St. Gregory the Great High School has a rich history and much of that has been made possible through the support of our alumni whom we know care so very much for our students. We trust that while this transition takes place at your alma mater, you will continue your commitment to our young men and women by contributing to the newly established St. Gregory the Great Scholarship Fund. This Fund will support the students here today who will complete their Catholic secondary education at Holy Trinity.


Change is hard, but it can also be life-giving. We know that this is best for the students who have followed in your footsteps. By ensuring their Catholic education at a school that can deliver greater resources and stability, the possibilities are endless! Please keep our St. Gregory families in your thoughts and prayers so that we smoothly change over to this new opportunity.


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