Loyola event offers students break from finals stress

By Ellen Schaft

In an effort to help students relax during the most stressful time of the academic year, Loyola University Chicago’s Wellness Center hosted its “Finals Relaxation and Stress Management” event Wednesday.

Hosted in Baumhart Hall’s cozy lounge, some 50 students enjoyed fresh smoothies, free massages and the company of therapy dogs from the Canine Therapy Corps.


Rachel Ourada, 22, a history and international studies double major and Resident Assistant in Baumhart, thought the free massages were a great idea for stressed college students who would not have been otherwise able to afford the luxury.

“I think [the massage therapist] was really nice and appreciated by a lot of people. I got in there early and I think I got a longer massage than most people,” Ourada joked.

Other activity stations included a craft table, so students could enjoy some creative expression, and a table hosted by Wellness Center staff to advise students on how to stay calm and healthy throughout finals season.

Charles Heuring, 21, an accounting major and resident of Baumhart Hall, said he was glad an end-of-the-year event was actually hosted at Water Tower Campus.

“Sometimes I think the Water Tower Campus events are a little lacking, but this one was great. It was accessible to me, and it was a much needed study break,” Heuring said.

Students and staff enjoyed the sense of community felt throughout the event.

Joseph Saucedo, Baumhart Hall’s Resident Director, was exited that he was helping bridge the gap between Loyola’s Water Tower and Lake Shore Campuses.

“This year we were able to really do our part and plan with the Wellness Center,” Saucedo said. “ I know events like this take place [at Lakeshore Campus], but I think this program really helped students at Water Tower to relax and have some fun during finals.”


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