Loyola students deal with finals week stress

By Kevin Gottlieb

Most Loyola University Chicago students are stressed about finals week.

As the fall semester has drawn to a close, students are trying to find time to finish assignments and projects while also studying for exams.


Josh Stephani, 21, a senior political science and theology double major, is trying to juggle old and new assignments.

“There’s a lot to do. First I’m trying to catch up on all the reading I didn’t do,” Stephani said. “Everything is just converging right now.”

Meghan Seaburg, 21, senior nursing major, says the stress is affecting her mood.

“My roommate told me this morning that I was being cranky because I was so worried about getting up early and getting to the library to study,” Seaburg said.

Other students like Vince Dahn, 21, junior political science and international studies double major, are not worried about finals.

“Finals happen every semester. It’s just something that happens and I don’t get stressed about it,” Dahn said. “I’m going abroad next semester, and studying for finals is just something I have to do to be able to go.”

Greg Pfaff, 20, junior photography and journalism double major, says the key to being the stress is taking small breaks.

“I try to study for an hour or so, then I’ll watch a short episode of something on Netflix,” Pfaff said. “I also like taking walks, especially when it’s cold outside. It just wakes up my body and mind.”

Chala Urlulu, 21, senior political science and international studies double major, is counting the days until winter break starts.

“My last test is Saturday, so then I can go home and relax,” Urlulu said. “I’m hoping to have some fun then.”


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