Students cloudy on Loyola’s cloud computing system

By Gabe Johnson

Loyola University Chicago is sky-high on its new cloud computing storage system for students and faculty. But many students are already using cloud-based services other than Loyola’s new LUC Box.

Loyola recently announced its own cloud-based file storage system. The service, coined LUC Box, allows students to create, store, and share up to 10 GB of files from any web-enabled device, streamlining students ability to access files.

However, some students wonder if the university had its head in the clouds, considering that many are already using similar services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

“It sounds like a great thing, but I already use other cloud-based services like Google Drive to keep all my papers and schoolwork,” said Greer Campbell, 20, a junior anthropology major.

Others were not even aware of the service.

“I didn’t even know about it. I doubt I’ll ever be using it though.” said Fify Francis, 20, a junior nursing student.

Again, many students think it’s a great idea, but that it didn’t come at a practical time.

“I think it’s a really cool service that Loyola is providing, cloud-based services are really great. However  I more than likely won’t be using it because I am already using Dropbox and Google Drive to store all my documents,” said Mikey Dienstbach, 21, a junior psychology major.

However, Christine Malke, 23, a junior philosophy major and a daily commuter felt otherwise.

“I didn’t know about it, but I definitely think it will be useful for commuters like me,” Malke said. ” It will make my life a lot easier.”

Still, it seems as though the majority of students will not be using the new application.

“I honestly didn’t even know about it. I feel like they’re a little late to the game though. So many students are already using other applications that are more streamlined into their internet experience,”  said Dusko Simic, 20, a junior chemistry major. “It just doesn’t make much sense to use another program at this point.”


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