Loyola warns students of dorm room thefts

Loyola University Chicago Campus Saftey is warning students about two recent dorm room thefts in residence halls.

In both incidents, items were taken from dorm rooms when the doors were left unlocked.

Campus Safety is urging students to lock their doors when leaving their dorm rooms.

Here is an email message to students from Campus Safety:

Loyola Community,

The Department of Campus Safety is writing to remind you to always lock your residence hall or office door. In the past week, there have been two incidents in which an unknown person removed items from a residence hall room while the door was unlocked.

For your safety, it is imperative that you always lock your door, even when you are inside the room. If you are having a problem with your roommate failing to lock the door, please speak with them about it and also let your Resident Advisor know.

It is also important that if you encounter someone in a building who appears suspicious, that you immediately contact Campus Safety at 773.508.6039 with a description of the person (height, weight, clothing, etc.), as well as where they were last seen.

Examples of suspicious behavior might include someone who is walking around checking door handles to see if they are unlocked; someone who appears to be waiting for a person to enter or exit a secure area, which allows them to “piggy back” in; or someone you don’t recognize in an area where they likely shouldn’t be.

If anyone has information on the incidents listed above, please call the Department of Campus Safety at 773.508.6039.


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