Loyola student mugging a wake-up call about crime

Bellarmine Hall
By Steve Tabick

Students at Loyola University Chicago feel that the recent mugging of a student near the school’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park is a wake-up call to be alert about crime in Chicago.

An alert from Campus Safety detailed the following crime:

A Loyola student was walking  in the alley behind Bellarmine Hall at 10:30 p.m. Monday when he was approached by a man who threw him to the ground. A female accomplice approached and held a knife to his throat and told him not to move. The male offender took the victim’s wallet and cell phone before they both fled north towards North Shore Avenue.

Some Loyola students such as Carrie Wilczewski, 21, senior molecular biology major expressed their concerns about the mugging which occurred so close to campus.

“I always take that alley when I leave and go to my apartment. I’m definitely not walking that way anymore because I don’t want to get mugged,” Wilczewski said.

Jonathan Winarski, 22, senior health systems management major believed that Campus Safety did a good job responding to the crime but the mugging definitely affected his decisions about walking around at night.

“I think it sucks. I didn’t take the alleyway today because of it. It affected my decision making but I’m comforted that campus safety was quick to respond and security efforts will probably be increased,” Winarski said.

Steven Shen, 20, junior biology major was one of few students that didn’t feel a need to become more fearful of crime in Chicago despite the robbery happening near campus.

“Well the whole situation sucks and I feel bad for the student, but I don’t feel anymore afraid about walking around at night. I think that it is a problem that some robbers would be able to get away with that so close to campus, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. I mean, I’ve been with a friend who has been assaulted on the L at night like around 8 p.m. with dozens of people around us. Things will happen out of chance,” Shen said.

Crime is a problem in that particular area where the mugging occurred. Emilie Stallman, 22, senior history and biological anthropology major is fully aware about the dangers of Chicago and now feels more of a reason to be cautious.

“I think it was stupid for them to put a dorm that far north of campus. It’s a dangerous area. I have heard gunshots out of my window twice this semester. I would be terrified to have to walk back and forth from that building every evening and I’m honestly not surprised someone has gotten hurt,” Stallman said.

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