Loyola offers cloud-based storage to students

By Gabe Johnson

The Unified Student Government Association (USGA) and Information Technology Services (ITS) at Loyola University Chicago  announced that students will now have access a cloud-based file storage system.

The service, coined LUC Box, allows students to create, store, and share up to 10 GB of files from any web-enabled device, streamlining students ability to access files.

Here’s the full announcement:

The Unified Student Government Association (USGA) and Information Technology Services (ITS) are excited to announce a new cloud-based file storage service available to Loyola faculty, staff, and students. The service, called LUC Box, provides a simple, secure way to create, store, and share files and folders in the cloud (in other words, via the Internet). LUC Box can help you consolidate your documents in a single location, making them easily accessible from anywhere, on any device. You can create files and folders, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and continue to revise and review your content.

More specifically, LUC Box provides:

  • Cloud Storage—10 GB of cloud-based storage for all Loyola faculty, staff, and students
  • Simple File Management—Store and organize documents, media, and other content online so you can access it from anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Secure File Sharing and Collaboration—Share files with anyone, inside or outside Loyola
  • Mobile Access—Access, share, and collaborate using any web-enabled tablet or smart device

Signing up is simple. Visit LUC.box.com and follow the on-screen prompts. Your LUC Box account will be created immediately using your UVID credentials.

LUC Box provides an alternative to existing personal and departmental shared drives, and can make it easier to collaborate and access documents from anywhere on any device. Please note, however, that existing policies regarding sensitive data also apply to cloud-storage services. It is never acceptable to store Loyola Protected data on any cloud service. This includes data such as grades, social security numbers, private correspondence, classified research, etc. We invite you to review Loyola’s Cloud Computing Policy for additional information.

To learn more about cloud storage via the LUC Box, please visit our introductory page. If you have questions or need further support, please contact the ITS help desk at 773.508.4ITS or helpdesk@luc.edu.


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