Loyola has contract to purchase Hamilton’s

Hamilton’s Bar and Grill is planning to close after it agreed to be purchased by Loyola University Chicago ,  the bar owner, and the university confirmed Friday.

Hamilton’s, at 6341 N. Broadway St., announced Thursday that it is closing Oct. 27, after 80 years in business.

On Friday, Loyola released the folowing statement:

“Hamilton’s Bar and Grill was put on the market for sale and the owners came to Loyola to see if we were interested. Currently, the University has a sales contract to purchase the property that houses Hamilton’s. We plan to close on the transaction within 30 days. Any questions about the closing of the bar should be directed to the present owners.”

Frank Sassolino, a co-owner of Hmailton’s, told Red Eye that the bar decided last week to approach Loyola with the offer to sell. He said that the building and property where Hamilton’s sits is under contract to be bought by Loyola by the end of the month.

Sassolino said the decision to sell the property to the university was made about a week ago.

The bar opened in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression, and served students and alumni of Loyola for eight decades. 

Hamilton’s announced the closing Thursday afternoon on Facebook. Here is the message:

After 80 years, Chicago’s legendary Hamilton’s Bar and Grill is closing. Our final day of business will be Saturday, October 27, 2012.

Until the final drink is poured, the final food item is served, we invite you – our family and friends, current and former regulars, Loyola Alumni and community characters – TO COME REMINISCE , CELEBRATE AND SAY GOODBYE to this institution in Rogers Park, this historic landmark of a bar, for the past 80 years.

1933 – 2012


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