Alternative magazine, LUChameleon, releases print edition

By Keshia Bardney

Loyola University Chicago’s student-run online magazine, The LUChameleon, recently released its first print edition.

The LUChameleon, previously exclusively an online magazine, expanded its publication to print to reach more students. Editor-in-chief Kim De Guzman, 20, a junior majoring in journalism, is excited about the new product.

“We were really excited about the print release,” De Guzman said. “We received positive comments from people saying how much they loved it.”

The LUChameleon is Loyola University Chicago’s alternative online magazine publication. The magazine prides itself on covering themes that are not otherwise discussed. These themes include: A/E (Arts and Entertainment), The Hots (LGBTQA and sexuality), Liberation (femininsm and gender), Co-exist (religion and spirituality), Green Scene (the environment), Zoo (politics and social justice) and Culture Shock (race/culture/ethnicity).

“We wanted to create a new layout besides a newspaper type. [Our] campus needed a magazine where students could talk about what they wanted,” De Guzman said.

Writers are diversified, need no prior journalism experience and choose when and how often they write for LUChameleon. Along with alternative topics, the publication prides itself on flexibility and lack of formal structure.

“We aren’t as formal in our story layout like The Phoenix, but we have some structure. Overall, we’re pretty laid back,”  De Guzman said.

Jimmy Danzy, 22, a graduate student in business administration, expressed his interest in The LUChameleon.

“It’s pretty a cool outlet. It takes a different approach on topics. It’s not in an original story format, but in an opinionated format which keeps me interested,” he said.

The LUChameleon aims to provide a voice to those who would not otherwise have one on campus.

“It’s an outlet for people to tell their story. To show their changing colors,” De Guzman said.

The LUChameleon plans to publish a print magazine each month, but updates its website with stories every week.

Find out more information here.


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