Loyola Law School takes “Hamlet” to trial

By Jordan Berger

William Shakespeare is known for penning this famous line in his play,  Henry VI: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

But for one evening, at least, Shakespeare and lawyers will be in harmony at an event at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Law.

Loyola is hosting an evening with Chicago’s award-winning Writers’ Theatre for a unique rendition of scenes from, Hamlet. The performance will be followed by a discussion a reception with the Theatre’s actors and artistic director Michael Halberstam.

The presentation, Hamlet: Justice in an Evil World will begin at 5 p.m. Monday at Loyola University Chicago’s Water Tower Campus. It will take place in the Power Rogers and Smith Ceremonial Courtroom on the 10th floor of Corboy Law Center, located at 25 E. Pearson Street.

This annual event, which is part of the law school’s Law and Literature Lecture Series, was established to offer the Loyola law community a unique perspective on issues and personalities of the law. Shakespeare and the Law’s partnership with Writers’ Theatre has been supported by Loyola law alumna Randy Lamm Berlin (JD‘91) since 2004.

The past two years’ lecture series topics include Othello: Who is Guilty? and Macbeth: ‘Full of Toil and Trouble.

RSVP to lawandliterature@luc.edu.

Read more about Michael Halberstam, founder and artistic director of Writers’ Theatre, here: http://www.writerstheatre.org/aboutus?id=0008


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