Loyola MBA program lets students see the world

Loyola University Chicago’s  School of Business Administration is featured in a Chicago Tribune article touting the ability of students to earn an MBA and travel the world.

Here is a portion of the article:

Travel the world or settle down and get an MBA?

Those two paths might seem to diverge sharply. But Loyola University Chicago‘s School of Business Administration is launching a program that combines world exploration with MBA studies and in so doing embraces a major business trend: Seeking opportunities in emerging markets.

“The growth of the future for the world is in emerging markets,” said Kathleen Getz, the school’s dean. “Emerging markets have not just higher populations but higher population growth, so their business opportunities are much greater.”

Loyola’s Intercontinental MBA, to launch in the fall of 2013, will allow students to rotate through residencies in Asia, Latin America and Eastern or Central Europe. Each class will vote on exactly where within those regions they will spend each quarter together.

Getz acknowledges that “it would be fun to be a student in a program like this.” Beyond the fun factor, she said, the rotation will give students hands-on opportunities to study how emerging markets can move beyond agriculture and mining into value-added businesses such as manufacturing and, eventually, the knowledge economy.

At the same time, Loyola and other business schools are setting up and expanding permanent programs in developing economies.

For example, Loyola is collaborating with Harvard University to expand its presence in Vietnam.

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