Loyola holds its Spring Dance Informance

By Jose Silva


With the end of the school, Loyola University Chicago held its Spring Dance Informance  in Mullady Memorial Theatre on the Lake Shore Campus in front of a sold out crowd.

“I’m here because my girlfriend is in the dance performance,” said Greg Roszczybiuk, 22, a senior computer science major. “I’m really excited about it, but tickets sold fast so I’m on a waiting list right now.”


Sponsored by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, the event is held to give dance students from all classes and levels the opportunity to showcase their semesters work in an informal dance performance.

“I just think the performance is really great,” said Gaby Devergen, 19, a sophomore theater and journalism major who took part in the festivities. “I love performing and I think it’s a great opportunity for everybody to see what we’ve been working on all semester. ”

More than 100 people were in attendance for the event and had the opportunity to see Loyola’s students of dance exhibiting their talent and hard work.

“What’s interesting about this specific event is that a lot of the patrons that come are parents,” said James Dunford, 22, the student box office manager, “so they aren’t necessarily coming to some of our other events. It’s always a different crowd that you get so it’s always interesting working with them, getting to know them, and getting them into the theater.”

When asked about the overall success of the event, Dunford said, “I thought it was a very successful event. Again something about this event that I think is very unique is that a lot of students are just taking a dance class, for a core perhaps, and being able to take what they learned in the class room and being able to perform it is something really meaningful and significant. I think giving the 200 or so dancers a chance for that is always a fantastic event.”


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