Loyola hosts end-of-semester cookout

By Emma Adelman

The the end of the spring semester near, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) of Loyola University Chicago hosted “Kenmore Cookout”  to offer students free food and some rest and relaxation.

The event offered free food such as Molly’s cupcakes, Giordano’s pizza, Chicago dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream bars. There was also a station set up for students to plant various flowers such as California Poppies in little pots to take home to their dorms.


Students were very grateful for this chance to take a break from studying and relax with friends

“I am really stressed out and this really helps. I really enjoy these events. Sitting here, eating good food and sipping on free drinks, is an awesome way to relax with my friends. For the first time all day I was able to get my mind off finals. This was a perfect opportunity to get some must needed rest and relaxation,” said Ashley Levitan, 21, a sophomore nursing major.

Many students were appreciative of the relaxing environment and a chance to get together with classmates one last time before summer break.

“The environment of this event is great, I love how all my friends are here. The food is great and the weather is perfect. This was a great way for me to get some quality time in with my friends before we all leave for summer. I’m really glad I came,” said Adam Reninger, 19, a sophomore marketing major.”

Students were enthusiastic with the planting station, finding it a great way to unwind.

“This event is really unique with its planting station. I love flowers and getting my hands dirty while planting the flowers into the little pots was a great way to get rid of my stress. I can’t wait till it blooms!” said Abby Nicholas, 19, a sophomore science major.

The Residence Hall Association was happy with the turnout of 50 to 75 students.

“A lot of people came! I’d say this was an overall successful program,” said Rosie Velasco, 19, the program coordinator of RHA.


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