Loyola’s Dance Company struts stuff at Spring Dance Engagement

By Sara Luebke

The stage of Mullady Theater at Loyola University Chicago was engulfed with leaps and pirouettes as The Dance Company performed the Spring Dance Engagement.


The Spring Dance Engagement is the showcasing performance of the year for The Dance Company, a student-ran organization consisting of 24 dancers.  The recital consisted of 18 student-choreographed compositions in the styles of jazz, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary.

The five-year-old company was established as an outlet for students to combine their ideas, and passion to foster a supportive dance community, regardless of training backgrounds and levels.  Today The Dance Company, better known as TDC, stays true to those ideals, and it has a diverse profile of members that range from freshman to seniors studying biology, history, and even dance.

A noteworthy performance included ‘Dirty Diana,’ the second composition in the show.  It was an intense and powerful movement choreographed by Haley Bullock, a sophomore studying business management and psychology.  Performed by one male and two females, it conveyed the torment of relationships and infidelity.

Intermission hardly provided a break for seniors Jacquelyn Pavilon, 21, and Kathryn Bro, 22, as they exited the auditorium to ask for donations and catch up with friends and family.

“I’m leaving a really good community, it’s very bittersweet,” said Pavilon.

Having been a TDC dancer since her freshman year, Pavilon has been a vital member in helping to build the company’s standing.  “It’s our little baby that we’re leaving behind,” she said, referring to all dancers who have been involved since the company’s beginnings.

The second act reopened with ‘Welcome to the Circus,’ a macabre composition choreographed by TDC president and graduating senior, Michelle Chorski.  Elements of ballet, jazz, and hip hop interweaved to create a stirring work in which each dancer took on a character of desperation for being in the limelight.

The Spring Dance Engagement closed with ‘Home,’ a composition choreographed by the company’s seven graduating seniors.  ‘Home’ began with each senior performing a solo that embodied their personal flair and partialness to particular styles.  After the seniors danced their final solos as TDC members, the full company joined them onstage.

After the gripping performance ended, the full company reassembled on stage, handing each senior a rose.  TDC president, Michelle Chorski, wiped tears from her eyes as she bid farewell her dance family.  “It’s been wonderful to share the stage with these beautiful ladies and gentlemen.”