Invisible Children Roadies make their way to Loyola

Invisible Children Midwest Roadies
By Ana Cordova and Molly Heissner

Invisible Children Midwest Roadies made their way to Chicago this week in order to promote their message of awareness for the people who have fallen prey to alleged human rights violator Joseph Kony in Uganda.

In front of Loyola University Chicago’s Water Tower campus, these roadies make their stop in their tour around the Midwest to share a little information on their campaign.

“We are currently making our way around the Midwest talking in various colleges, high schools and religious groups in order to keep promoting our message of peace for the people of Uganda,” said Chris Tuttle, 19, “This is the best way to keep people informed and up to date on issues regarding the Invisible Children movement.”

In order to have a more personal connection with their audience, fellow Ugandan roadie Oyella Jane and survivor of attacks by Kony supporters has come to the United States in order to speak for those not heard.

“I think that me being here and talking to people like you is the best I can do for my people in Uganda” said Jane, 23. “My purpose here is to speak on behalf of the people who have been silenced by the fear in my country.”

In addition to informing people throughout the region on updates regarding the cause, the roadies are encouraging people to participate in the movement through local political advocacy.

“The best thing people can do is write to their local representatives and ask them to support the Kony Resolution that is currently in both chambers of Congress,” said Abbey Mosses, 18. “The Kony Resolution is simply there to affirm our position as a country against the human rights violations committed by Joseph Kony.”

With their Midwest tour coming to an end, these four Midwest roadies are making preparations for upcoming events throughout the Chicago-land area.

“Right now we are finalizing all our preparations for a Dance Marathon scheduled for November 3 of this year,” said Hayley Johnson,22. “We will keep people in the Midwest informed about all of our upcoming events through our IC Midwest-Roadies Facebook page”.


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