Loyola students relax before finals at Be Chill Bash

By Vedran Svraka

As finals week approaches, Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Programming celebrated the end of the semester with its annual “Be Chill Bash” on Friday in the Centennial Forum Student Union (CFSU) to offer students a break from studying.

The Department of Programming hosts this annual event for Loyola students as a way to decrease stress and promote relaxation for students preparing for finals week.

“It’s the last day of classes before finals week. We realize there’s a lot of pressure on students to study and do good on their finals,” said event coordinator Alex Carron, 20, a junior marketing and entrepreneurship double major. “This event offers students various opportunities to catch some much needed relaxation time, and a chance to enjoy this beautiful day.”


The Be Chill Bash consisted of a variety of activities for students to participate in, including massages, beam signing, food and drinks, an oxygen bar, as well as complementary t-shirts, sunglasses, and stress balls, all of which were free of charge for Loyola students.

Although there were many activities available, the massages, given by licensed massage therapists, seemed to be the most popular among students attending the bash.

“I had to take advantage of the free massages,” said Emily Atkinson, 21, a senior international studies major. “Even though the lines were long, the massage was really relaxing and it helped eliminate a lot of stress.”

Many students attending the bash were simply there to bask in the morning sun and eat some food.

“I love when Loyola hosts these events,” said Parita Patel, 20, a junior biochemistry major. “I came with a group of friends to just hang out, enjoy the sun, eat some food, and release some of this stress going into finals week.”

Other students enjoyed conversing at the oxygen bar while getting their dose of flavored oxygen.

“The oxygen bar really caught my eye as soon as I entered CFSU” said Grant Kula, 21, a junior biology major. “I’ve seen them before but I never got an opportunity to experience one. It was strange at first, but once the oxygen began to flow through my nose, it became a soothing experience. Definitely recommend others to try it out.”

The Be Chill Bash was a huge success, attracting at least 150 people.  However, event coordinators plan to incorporate even more activities and more food for next year’s event.

“Next year we will work on expanding the activities available for students,” said Carron. “Like last year, the massages seemed to be very popular. I’m hoping next year we can include even more massage tables, and even more activities for students to participate in.”


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