Loyola freshman say overnight guest policy too strict

By Lauren Ruckheim

Loyola University Chicago freshman have become frustrated with the overnight policies that dictate their ability to have guests stay overnight.

Loyola’s overnight policy does not allow non Loyola student guests in the freshmen residence halls past 2 a.m. unless they receive an overnight pass two days in advance. The overnight pass requires the roommate’s signature, and is only given to guests of the same sex of the Loyola student requesting the pass. Exceptions include opposite gender siblings and underage guests if they receive a minor visitation form signed by the minor’s parents.

Many Loyola freshman see these overnight policies as too strict.

“College is about becoming an adult. Loyola should know and trust that we are able to make adult choices, such as deciding who we spend the night with in what has been given to us as our own personal space. The overnight policy for freshmen is unfair and undermining to the students,” said Claire Tyler, 19, a freshman English major.

Additionally, the policies do not allow flexibility for unexpected situations.

“I had a fine for not checking people in. I feel like the freshmen policies don’t give you leeway at all. Living in Chicago, if someone I know that is visiting needs a place to stay I am not going to put them out on the streets simply because I do not have a overnight pass. Also, It makes loyola less of a social school,” said Aurora Grosskopf, 18, a freshmen journalism major.

The strict policies extend even to family of students.

“I work for residence life, so I have kind of an inside on the policies and I still think that they are outrageous. In one incidence, I found out a resident had her sister in town and hadn’t seen her for a year. She asked the residence director if she could get a guest pass. And even though it was family, she was denied because she did not give 48 hours notice,” said Amber Vignieri, 19, a freshmen environmental studies major.

In regards to the students complaints, the department of residence life does not see any problem with the policies.

“I find it interesting that first-year students have expressed complaints in regards to the overnight check-in policy. The current policy was actually drafted and implemented through the use of a group of residential students and staff over the course of last year…Our policy is inline with what other College and University policies are and is designed to give progressive responsibility as students become older and move through the residential system,” said Romando A. Nash, director of Loyola’s Department of Residence Life.

The Department of Residence life has no intention of adjusting the policies to accommodate the student’s complaints.

“No, we do not plan to revisit the policy anytime soon, the policy is drafted the way that it should be and is appropriate for a University campus. It keeps us inline with our Jesuit, Catholic values and provides for roommates to understand their roles and responsibilities within a community,”  Nash said.


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