Artist builds sand sculpture to honor Dalai Lama’s Loyola visit

By Pauline Lacson

He spends a week constructing an elaborate, ornate sand drawing called a mandala. Then he sweeps the sand into an urn and tosses it into the lake.

Stop by the Norville Athletics Center beginning today through April 17 to view the creation of a sand mandala in anticipation of the Dalai Lama’s April 26 campus visit.

The Venerable Lama Ngawang Chojor will construct the sand mandala and carry on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Norville’s press room (Room 114).

Visitors can stop by on April 11, 12, 13, 16, and 17 from 10am-noon, and 1-4 pm, as noted in the following email to Loyola University Chicago College of Arts and Sciences students:

The mandala will be available for viewing also after its construction until His Holiness visits on April 26th.  After His Holiness sees it, Lama Ngawang will lead a moving ceremony in which he will sweep the sand into an urn and proceed to a nearby beach, to pour the sand into the Lake.  All is impermanent.

Please visit this wonderful Tibetan artistic and spiritual practice.  You will be intrigued, then amazed, then deeply moved.  Lama Ngawang last made mandalas in Chicago in 1999 both at Loyola and at Chicago’s Field Museum.  He has also made them in New York other locations.  Come watch a master at work.



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