Loyola warns students of dangers of St. Patrick’s Day drinking

Loyola University Chicago administrators are urging students to make mature decisions this weekend when it comes to drinking and St. Patrick’s Day.

Robert D. Kelly, Loyola’s Vice President for Student Development, sent an email to students asking that they be aware of the dangers of accessive drinking and under-age drinking.

Here is the text of the email:

Dear Students,

As St. Patrick’s Day weekend approaches, so does the opportunity to experience some of the unique culture and traditions around this holiday in Chicago. From parades to green rivers, St. Patty’s in the Windy City is a special time.

Of course part of St. Patrick’s Day culture also involves the choice to take part in drinking or not. With the above normal temperatures there undoubtedly will be many people out and around this weekend. It is our hope that you, as Loyolans, make smart and informed decisions about how you choose to spend the day. Remember the Student Promise: to care for yourself, care for others, and care for the community.

As a University we do not condone underage drinking; however we also know that there will be some students who choose to drink when under the legal age of 21. Our most sincere hope is that all our students stay safe this weekend and throughout the year. Whether or not you are over 21, if you choose to drink it is always important to practice low/moderate drinking both for your health and safety, and for the safety of others. Please encourage your friends to look out for each other and respect the choice of others who choose not drink. And most of all, please do not drink and drive…use public transportation.

However you choose to spend this weekend, please be aware of the potential for negative consequences to arise and know who to go to for help.

If you feel that anyone is in need of help, do not hesitate to call Campus Safety (773-508-6039) or 911. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with Loyola’s Good Samaritan Policy, which was put in place for these types of situations (www.luc.edu/goodsamaritan). Making the call is always better than not seeking help at all, but remember: the best way to stay safe is to avoid the emergency in the first place.

We hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend and enjoy this special time in our city.

Be Safe, Be Well.

Robert D. Kelly, PhD
Vice President for Student Development

– Pauline Lacson

Young religious sisters coming to Loyola

Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist

Sixteen religious sisters from four different congregations in the U.S. will be meeting with students of Loyola University Chicago Sunday afternoon to talk about life-discernment, the importance of women religious in the Catholic Church and the joyfulness of consecrated life.

Organizers are preparing to host 90 students for dinner and various activities and talks at Ignatius House, Loyola’s Jesuit residence.

Here is the invitation and description from the event organizers:

All are invited to the Jesuit residence Ignatius House at 4:30PM on Sunday, March 18th for dinner and some funtime nunnery!

The purpose of this event is for all Loyola University ladies and gentlemen to learn more about life-discernment, interact with people choosing radical lives of service, and to deepen in an appreciation of the pivotal role of women in the Church.

Come meet young nuns (some of the happiest, friendliest, and funniest people on God’s green earth), eat a bunch of food, and have a good time!

– Esther Daniela Castillejo