Rogers Park school principal accused of beating students

Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
The principal of a Rogers Park neighborhood grade school has been removed by Chicago Public School officials after allegedly attacking three students.

Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune:

Chicago Public School officials have removed the principal of a Rogers Park neighborhood grade school after parents accused him of attacking three boys he called into his office for misbehaving.

The unidentified principal was removed on the same day that parent Kenneth Elmore told WGN-TV that his son and two other children were called into the principal’s office at Joyce Kilmer Elementary just before noon Wednesday.

His son, Ken Jr., said the principal tossed him against a wall, loosening one of his teeth, which eventually fell out during his lunch break.

“He (the principal) choked me really hard, he put pressure on it and then he threw my head into the wall and my tooth, it came loose right here,” Ken Elmore Jr. told the news channel.

Chicago police this morning said that a report of the incident was made, but added that no arrests had been made. Chicago Public Schools confirmed the principal’s removal, as well as an internal investigation.

– Jose Silva


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