Felice’s faces drunken patron, broken table, in grand opening

Photo courtesy of Felice's
By Jose Silva

College students stay up late. And they get hungry.

So one of the key features of the new Felice’s Roman Style Pizza, Loyola University Chicago’s new student-run business, is that it’s open until 2 a.m. Fridays and 2:30 a.m. Saturdays.

But sometimes the late-night crowd gets drunk and rowdy.

When Felice’s had its grand opening this past weekend, it discovered that the late-night crowd isn’t always desirable.

One drunken female threw up in the restaurant. Another group of rowdy customers broke a table.

Though issues of drunken and unruly customers are troublesome, Sean Connolly, 22, a senior political science major and president of Felice’s, is confident these obstacles will not prove to be a major concern as the restaurant moves forward.

“We anticipate a crowd like that on a late night,”  Connolly said. “We don’t see it as a problem.”

Connolly believes Felice’s has proper security features in place to handle the late-night crowd.

“We have cameras set up throughout the restaurant and are in constant contact with campus safety and as for procedure, we tell our employees to never do anything to put themselves in danger,” he said.

While there are always constant threats to any small business, Connolly remains optimistic that this is a hitch Felice’s will have no problem in overcoming.

“It was only our first weekend, so there is no major concern. If troubles persist we might consider closing earlier, but as of now we’re not planning on it,” Connolly said.

Pete McGraw, 21, a senior political science major, is hopeful the restaurant will have no additional setbacks and keep its late-night hours.

“The restaurant just opened, it would be a shame if they had to consider shortening their hours just because a couple of students,” McGraw said.

Felice’s, at 6441 N. Sheridan Road, is owned and operated by  Loyola Limited, a student staffed holding company responsible for four campus enterprises at Loyola.

As the newest edition to the restaurant community at Loyola, Felice’s brings pizza by the ounce to Rogers Park.  A slice of pizza averages $2.50-$5, depending on the weight, and a whole pizza averages $10 for cheese and $12 with a topping. There is even a Garanzini pizza – thinly sliced prosciutto and fresh arugula on top  marinara sauce – inspired by Loyola president and renowned chef, the Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J. See menu here: menu

With it’s Roman-style inspiration and other Italian food options, the pizza place is commemorative of Loyola University Chicago’s John Felice Rome Center.


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