Loyola Student Dispatch ranks top stories of 2011

We bid farewell to 2011 thanking our loyal readers for spending time with Loyola Student Dispatch.   Our modest student-produced news service had nearly 95,000 unique visits for the year, as we tried to provide readers with up-to-the-minute news about Loyola University Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods. There was a good deal of bad news, but also some uplifting good news.Here were the five most viewed stories of the year:    

Readers seemed to love anything about the new Chick-fil-A restaurant that opened in June at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus. This was the most-read story out of the numerous Chick-fil-A stories we filed.


Restaurants come and restaurants go. Even as Loyola welcomed Chick-fil-A, Carmen’s, a mainstay at Loyola’s Rogers Park campus, closed its doors after falling behind on rent.


Loyola Student Dispatch was the first news outlet to break stories on a group of teenagers stealing goods from stores on Michigan Avenue, and the Chicago Tribune praised LSD for its coverage.


Rogers Park mourns the death of Bahara Echmail, 17, who died in a car crash less than two miles away on her way home from a birthday party.


Friends and family desperately searched for young model Irma Sabanovic, 25, who disappeared before later being found in her car, which plunged into the Chicago River.




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