Anxiety builds as finals week looms at Loyola

By Stephen Mathis

As finals week looms, some Loyola University Chicago students are preparing to ace their exams.

Others, however, are waiting until the last minute to study.


Some methods work for different students, but part of the collegiate experience is “cramming,” and finals week is generally a time when students tend to live this experience. Some students believe that the amount of studying is dependent on the major.

A common characteristic that finals bring about in everyone is stress, whether it is more or constant throughout the semester.

“I feel the same amount of stress because I am constantly stressed at Loyola,” said Colin Linke, 21, senior biology major.

“I stress during normal exams but during finals the fact that I have all of them at the same time makes me stress out way more than usual…my all-nighters kind of keep me too weak to have a major stress meltdown” said Angie Arreola, 20, junior psychology major.

Some students believe that the amount of studying needed is dependent on a particular major.

“Biology majors require lots of memorization of facts,” said Jill Balquiedra, 21, senior biology major.

Studying is essential for acing final exams, and some students want to be adequately prepared.

“I tend to study a lot for final exams, but not so much more compared to the amount that I study during the rest of the semester…although my major requires a lot of work, I think my study habits come more from the standards I built for myself during high school,” said Julie Strand, 19, sophomore advertising and public relations major.

Other students aren’t worried as much as about final exams.

“[I’ll study] enough to feel well prepared but not so much that I am repeatedly cramming information into my mind that I already know,” said Kelsey Mathieu, 19, sophomore anthropology major.

Other students aren’t even concerned about some of their finals.

“I naturally understand psychology and psychology requires much less meticulous memorization,” said Riley Meskill, 19, sophomore psychology major.