Man charged in beating at Chicago Avenue Red Line stop

A Chicago teen being charged with two counts of aggravated battery after punching a man at the Chicago Red Line ‘L’ platform near Loyola University Chicago’s Water Tower Campus, then publicizing a video recording of the incident.

Here’s the story from the Chicago Tribune (video included):

A teen has been charged with decking a man at a downtown ‘L’ station earlier this year in an incident recently posted on the Internet that prompted a citywide search for the attacker.

Chicago police said that Scotty Strahan, 18, was the person who punched an unidentified man at the Chicago Avenue Red Line stop in April as his friends watched and laughed. Police said he turned himself in.

Police suspected that the victim, a slow-moving older-looking man with salt-and-pepper hair, may have been homeless. The video showed an assailant tapping the victim on the shoulder from behind and punching him in the face after he turned.

The video, apparently taken by one of the assailant’s friends, was recently posted on, prompting the search for the attacker.

Strahan turned himself in to police at Belmont Area headquarters and was charged with two counts of aggravated battery, police said this morning.

Strahan, of the 8600 block of South Normal Avenue, was sentenced to probation earlier this year after he was cited for causing a traffic hazard, according to court records.

He will appear in court later today.



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