Loyola’s Res Life touches on future changes for campus living

Loyola University Chicago‘s Residence Life introduced two new first-year halls opening in 2013, San Fransisco Hall and DiNobili Hall to increase the number of first-year students on campus. Residence Life also has many other initiatives for upperclassmen housing in the near future, such as the openings of Bellarmine Hall and Messina Hall in the fall of 2012.

Here’s the story from Inside Loyola:

In 2013, Loyola will open two new freshman residence halls, San Francisco Hall and DiNobili Hall, on the south side of campus. These new buildings will also bring a new dining hall, greenhouse, and multiple labs and learning spaces.

Kana Wibbenmeyer, assistant vice president of facilities, says the goal was simply to create more freshman living space.

“We wanted to increase the number of first-year students on campus,” she says. “Building these new halls allows us to increase housing availability to first-year students.”

In addition to having more options, Director of Residence Life Romando Nash adds there will also be a bigger emphasis on the experiential aspect of residence life.

“There needs to be housing that is designed to help students complete their education,” he says.

Ultimately, Nash says the goal is to have housing for 60-65 percent of students available on campus and to create residence life that ties more closely to the academic experience.

“[We are] creating an education centerpiece,” he says. “And tying in that idea of transformative education.”

San Francisco Hall/BVM Hall:

San Francisco Hall, which will add more than 400 beds, will be located on Kenmore Avenue between Georgetown Hall and BVM Hall, and the focus will be the environment. Students will be placed in “neighborhoods” that will monitor the amount of water and energy they conserve, and programming will focus on sustainability. In addition, San Francisco will be connected to a new greenhouse that will be the focus of many Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy (CUERP) projects. Connected to the greenhouse will be BVM Hall which will hold academic offices and be a center for environmental groups on campus. In addition, San Francisco will also house a cafe that will hopefully use only locally grown food, either from Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology Campus or from the campus greenhouse.

DiNobili Hall:

DiNobili Hall, which adds 200 beds, will be located on Kenmore Avenue and will replace the current Jesuit Residence lawn and parking lot. DiNobili will be a more traditional residence hall with study lounges on each floor, and double occupancy rooms, but will have a wellness theme, focusing on the wellness of the individual and wellness of the world. In addition, DiNobili will house a new dining hall on the first floor.

But these new halls aren’t the only changes coming to Residence Life. Here is a sampling of what is to come:

  • Regis will become second-year housing (Fall 2013)
  • Holy Cross and Rockhurst will be demolished and the area will become green space (Fall 2012)
  • Bellarmine Hall and Messina Hall will open as second-year and upperclassman housing (Fall 2012)
  • Campion Hall will take over St. Joseph Seminary (Fall 2012)
  • Marquette Hall South will open as second-year housing (Fall 0f 2012)
  • Fordham will transition into upperclassman housing (Fall of 2012 and Fall of 2013)
  • Creighton will be decommissioned (TBD)

For more information, check out the Residence Life website.


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