Mouse droppings reportedly found in Rogers Park bakery

Caribbean American Bakery was closed by Chicago city inspectors Monday after they reportedly found mouse droppings throughout the building, including in the oven, WLS 890 AM reports.

Here is a portion of the WLS story:

City inspectors closed a bakery at the city’s northern border after hundreds of droppings were found throughout the business, including inside the ovens.

Dumpster Task Force inspectors visited the Caribbean American Bakery at 1539 W. Howard St. in Rogers Park on Monday to follow up on a complaint, which was confirmed by the finding of more than 500 mice droppings, a release from the city Dept. of Streets & Sanitation said.

Droppings were found on the front selling counter, along the ledge inside the oven, under the steam table, on shelves containing 50-pound bags of flour and even on the cutting board and counter in an area where bread was sliced, the release said.

Tickets were issued for the critical violations of inadequate pest control and for failing to protect food contact surfaces from contamination, the release said. The bakery was also cited for the serious violation of failing to have a certified food service manager on site during food preparation.

“Management at the Caribbean American Bakery failed to adequately address their problems with mice and that put their customers at risk,” Josie Cruz, deputy commissioner of Streets & San, said in the release. “Before they can reopen they will have to revamp their housekeeping and pest control programs, clean and pest-proof their bakery, and then seek and pass a tough re-inspection.”


One thought on “Mouse droppings reportedly found in Rogers Park bakery

  1. Peach

    I feel sick , I was just there Saturday with my kids we bought bread , meat patties and chicken with rice & pea’s. Just Nasty Wow of course Money comes before customer and care .
    Well there goes that bakery have to find another , to me doesn’t matter how much you clean & wash up it will always be on my mind that the Bakery was closed for over
    500 Mouse Droppings . Oh yeah and they sell there bread to stores outside the bakery , Wonder if those store owners & there customers know.

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