Loyola’s Taste of Africa hits the spot for student appetites

By Antoinette Isama

African Student Alliance took over  Loyola University Chicago’s Centennial Forum Student Union Thursday for its annual Taste of Africa.

With African classics sounding through the speakers, the Loyola community came together with empty stomaches and curious taste buds to sample various African foods from area African restaurants. New student organization AfroDescent graced attendees with two performances to showcase a new routine and a new team.


Plates were filled with fried plantains, Jamaican patties from the Caribbean American Bakery, jollof rice, dibi chicken, and cous cous from Yassa African Restaurant, and sambusas from Ethiopian Diamond.

“The food is amazing. The chicken was my favorite,” commented Marie-Ange Murekatete, 21, co-captain of AfroDescent.

Students also appreciated the coming together of people of different heritages to explore and enjoy delicious African food and engaging dance.

Senior Lyness Hill, 21, a computer science major, commented saying, “I thought it was an awesome event…I just like that it’s not just Africans or African Americans, there were also people of other races participating in this event as well.”

Senior Yusef Vimto, 21, a bioinformatics major, added, “I loved the diversity…we had a bunch of different cultures embracing the African dance and that’s something new that I’ve never seen before this year, and the food is great.”

Rob Niska, 21, a criminal justice major, had no shame mentioning how much he was able to eat when he said, “I had about three plates.”

African Student Alliance treasurer Sylvia Adzido, 21, a special education major in her final year said, “A lot of planning went into this and a lot of love went into it from all our e-board members.”

“It was one of the best college events I’ve been to so far this year,” added Sheriff Otun, 21, a biochemistry major.