Campus MovieFest Finale kicks off Loyola’s fall break

By Enrique Silva

A crowd of about 130 eager Loyola University Chicago moviegoers crowded Galvin Auditorium, at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus Friday evening for the Campus MovieFest Finale.

Campus MovieFest is an organization that aims to provide students across the nation the opportunity and equipment necessary to create a five minute film, win prizes and gain Hollywood recognition. All students are invited to participate to have fun, and for those who seek a future in film making, to provide a platform to  launch their careers. This year forty eight teams consisting of over 600 participants submitted their films but only the best 16 films made their debut.

Those in attendance were given red carpet treatment, with food and drinks served before the event and prizes including Blackhawk tickets were awarded throughout the night. “We’re excited, there are some really good movies this year,” said Jess Reynoso, Executive Assistance of the Campus MovieFest CEO said before the event.

Students shared the enthusiasm as anticipation built leading up to the premiere of the best 16, although they were not entirely sure of what expect from the films. “A good sci-fi, western, horror, zombie, romantic- comedy would be great,” said Cameron Petti,21, a Junior Theater major.

Movies varied from dramatic, to poignant, with a majority of them being of the comedic variety. At the end evening, “Silver Tripod’s” were awarded to the cast and crews of movies competing for the titles of Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Film.

“We were surprised, we did not expect it”, said Raneath Sokha after the event, 25, a Senior Business Administration student. “This is our third year, and we are very happy.”

Winners in the three film categories automatically earn an invitation to the International Grand Finale in Hollywood, California. There students can participate in celebrity panels, to help gain insight and perhaps learn new techniques used by Hollywood’s elite filmmakers. Students who enter their films in the  Elfenwork’s Social Justice category can also vie for the opportunity to win a $10,000 grand prize. The team that wins at the Hollywood event, are then given an invitation to the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

Avery Grant,21, a Marketing and Management double major who is also the president of LUCine, one of the schools student organizations that sponsored the event, spoke afterward. “Especially because it’s fall break, we were worried about not having a ton of people here, but everyone here was really excited.” Campus MovieFest has visited Loyola in the past, and the events success only encourages future efforts, and promises Loyola students the opportunity to create students for years to come. “Every year the quality gets better, this is our third year, and it’s a really successful event and we want to keep it going. “