Loyola Chicago Chick-fil-A to feature new look, menu items

Loyola Chicago Chick-fil-A owner Lauren Silich and family
By Sarah Bechtol

The new Chick-fil-A at Loyola University Chicago‘s  Water Tower Campus promises a new store design as well as extra menu items not offered at the chain’s other outlets.

When the Water Tower Chick-fil-A opens June 16, it will feature new menu items, including oatmeal, a breakfast ciabatta sandwich, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, and possibly more in the fall to offer during the colder weather.

“We were looking for items that would appeal to the urban consumer a little bit more, like cookies are more portable, oatmeal is good for the Chicago winter and very popular here, and it’s easy to execute as far as an operational perspective,” said Lauren Silich, who owns the franchise for the Water Tower Chick-fil-A.

“It’s cool to bring an old brand with some new twists. The store’s actually, for lack of a better term, a concept store for the chain, it’s going to have a new design, new branding, new photography and artwork, so it will look different, but all the things that people love about Chick-fil-A will still be there,” Silich said.

Silich looks forward to the grand opening in June and is still looking for more employees to recruit. College students across Chicago from school’s like DePaul, Columbia, Moody Bible, and of course, Loyola, have been interviewed for a Chick-fil-A position.

Silich seeks leadership potential and a friendly face in her college recruits. “A lot of the interviewing for Chick-fil-A is based on character and the ability to just make customers smile, be happy, teamwork oriented, somebody who wants to contribute and know that whether or not they decide to make Chick-fil-A a career, they’ll always use this experience to help with their leadership development,” Silich said.

Silich, along with Chick-fil-A’s Chicago Market Expansion team consisting of three other people, Kayla Smith, Trevor Hanion, and Trevelle Harvey, have sifted through about 450 resumes and hired a good amount of employees.

They’re looking to hire about 90 people by the end of May, and Silich is excited to become a part of her worker’s paths to success.

“Sometimes those jobs in college are the ones that stick with you. Those are when you’re learning who you are and the kind of companies and people you want to work for in the future. I would love to be a part of that,” Silich said.


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