Loyola students on watch after check-cashing scam

By Megan Millard

 Loyola University Chicago students are remaining alert after a recent check-cashing scam that has occurred on campus.

“From the start I was taught to never open my wallet in front of strangers,” said Sylvia Sadowicz, a 19-year-old freshman majoring in biology.

The scams occurred earlier this month when a man thought to be around age 19 or 20 approached students in Centennial Forum Student Union or Zip’s Lounge saying he was just out of the military, had no I.D. and therefore could not cash a check. He then asked the students if they had a Chase account, offering to write the student a check in exchange for cash. When the checks are processed a few days later, it turns out that they are fraudulent and the student’s account is frozen.

So far, there have been four incidents in which students were scammed. Three out of four of those incidents were reported to the Chicago Police Department.

But there has been no sign of the person of concern since Campus Safety issued an alert, according to Lieutenant Joe Bogdalek, who has been a Campus Safety officer for seven years.

Meanwhile, students are taking precautions and they are confident they will not be fooled by future scamming attempts.

“I don’t tend to carry cash or credit on me,” said Nuhie Faheem, a 19-year old biology major.

It is exactly that awareness that Lucas Rawls, a 23-year old senior with a pre-med and psychology major says could prevent future scams.

“If students became more aware of their surroundings, it wouldn’t [happen],” Rawls said.

The person of concern in this case is described as being about 6 feet tall, 170 pounds with a stubble-beard. He was captured on video wearing a red snow cap with ear flaps, a waist-length jacket, and a red scarf. During the time of the scams he was often seen in CFSU and Zip’s Lounge. Anyone with information should contact Campus Safety at 773-508-6039.

Read the original story on Loyola Student Dispatch: https://loyolastudentdispatch.com/2011/03/03/loyola-campus-saftey-warns-of-check-cashing-scam/

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