New social site causes distractions for Loyola students

By Jenny Steier

Move over Facebook, there’s a new social site in town.

Just when Loyola University Chicago students needed a new reason to procrastinate while studying for finals, they have discovered a new Web site that may be creepier, more addicting, and possibly more offensive than Facebook, Twitter, and Juicy Campus combined.

The site is, and it  is designed to be a “dangerously exciting” anonymous flirting experience. There are different pages for different schools and students post where they are on campus, who they are wanting to flirt with (usually someone in the room or building) and a little message to them. All of the posts, including responses are posted anonymously.

For example, a post would read: “At Cudahy Quiet Room: Male, Blonde. Total hottie just sitting a table away. So distracted from studying right now haha.”

Some students find this new social media site interesting and new.

“It’s a fun way to say ‘hey’ to someone you may have had an eye on on campus, but haven’t had the opportunity to talk to,” said Kira Haley, 21 senior anthropology major. “It might be creepy but I wouldn’t mind seeing a post about me – but only if it is good.”

Many students share the opinion that it will, in fact, provide a new way to procrastinate when they really should be studying for finals.

“The Web site is so stupid. People need to stop finding excuses not to study,” said Lauren Shafer, 20, a junior sociology major. “If some of these people spent half as much time on studying as they did on posting about the hot IC desk girl, I think everyone would get A’s on finals.”

Even students who think the new website is a waste of time still find themselves surfing the posts.

 “I just discovered the Web site, and even though I think it’s pretty stupid, I still check it to see if someone posted about me. But in reality it just gives me another way to procrastinate during finals,” said Jordan Burns, 21, a senior forensic science major.

The Loyola University page of has skyrocketed in popularity to over 1,000 Facebook “likes” by Loyola students.

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Loyola shuttle offering holiday airport transfers

Not in the mood to brave freezing temperatures as you wait for the “L” or try to hail a cab for your trip home this winter break? Don’t fret! Loyola University Chicago’s shuttle service is once again offering transportation to and from the airport for the holidays.

The Free Enterprise System will be offering airport transfers to and from Chicago O’Hare and Midway Airports, according to LU Focus. One-way and round-trip reservations are available.

Tickets must be purchased in advanced, though, so reserve yours soon.

Here is the schedule and pricing for the transfers:

  • Depart Loyola: December 16, 17, 18, 20, and 21 at 3 p.m.
  • Depart Airport: January 16 and 17 at 3 p.m.
  • One-way: $25/per person
  • Round-trip: $40/per person

All shuttles will pick-up and drop-off at the LSC shuttle stop.

Call 800-323-5281 for reservations and ask for Marylu.

– Sara Nolan

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