Loyola Ultimate Frisbee team soars at Glory Days

Loyola Sirens member Jenna Peterson, left, at weekend tournament. Photo by Sara Nolan

By Sara Nolan

Neither wind, nor rain, nor chilly temperatures could keep the Loyola University Chicago women’s club ultimate Frisbee team, the Sirens, from winning the consolation bracket in its second tournament of the season this weekend.

Glory Days,” was held in Lowell, Ind., where 21 women’s teams from the Midwest competed. The Sirens went 5-2 overall, losing only to Northwestern and University of Chicago in close matches. The Sirens won the consolation bracket Sunday after three wins against two Purdue teams and Central Michigan.

“We had our ups and downs, as all teams do, but considering the weather conditions and the number of rookies we have, it was very successful. The best part in my opinion was seeing how well we did versus a team like Northwestern, who went to college nationals last year,” said Kelly Wright, 20, a team captain and junior sociology major.

With only a week since their last tournament, the Sirens were already seeing improvement.

“Confidence on the field has increased, as well as an overall sense of the game. People are beginning to find their place on the team and know their responsibilities on and off the field,” Wright said.

Tory Fingerle, 19, a secondary education and math major agreed.

“I feel like we played better as a team. We’re meshing a lot more as we play each game,” Fingerle said.

In its fifth year, the tournament was known not only for being competitive but also for providing new players with a fun, helpful environment to learn the sport.

“All veterans, both on our team and on our opponent’s teams, are really open to teaching rookies the rules or taking time to explain things,” Wright said.

As a new player, Alexandra Getz, 19, an undecided major, appreciated the tournament’s atmosphere.

“This week was more fun than last week, even though the weather was miserable. I knew what I was doing more, and the whole spirit aspect was fun. Teams were just really nice,” Getz said.

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